Castle Hill

Set in beautiful surroundings with striking design features.


Taylor Wimpey



Completion Date

The Brief


Being given a large plot of land to create a purpose-built suite on was an opportunity that we simply couldn’t pass up. Sitting within the worked walls of the quarry, the building design had to encompass the beautiful surroundings, whilst also working as a sales environment.

The site enjoys a well-connected, yet peaceful location within the wider Castle Hill development, which will comprise approximately 1,500 homes alongside open space, a neighbourhood centre, a two-form primary school and community facilities. With the competition nearby, the building had to hold its own.

The Plan


The architectural form of the building worked around the daylight and views over the lower lake; allowing the visitors to stand upon a viewing platform inside to look across the site and its natural outlook. Striking design features within the space, including the backlit fin wall, was to not only mimic the layers of the natural stone from the quarry but to also work as an acoustic wall. With the internal ceiling heights of 4.9m, sound containment was an important element to the success of the design.

Each sales desk sits under a cantilevered canopy obstructing visitors view of the screens and allowing for the height of the space to be broken up. Also built into the suite is a custom options room, a comfy and closed in space to allow the buyer to have time to make their new home decisions.